Global Automotive Fastener Europe Market Research Report - Forecast

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Update time : 2021-09-08 14:52:41
The Europe Market Research Report 2021-2028 about the automotive fasteners gives a detailed analysis of the current overall market and forecasts about these particular fasteners. It is critical to analyse the contribution of the automotive fasteners in the market to estimate the overall prospects and growth trends , especially after the COVID pandemic.

Target Audience

This research report matches the interest of all the global manufacturers, traders, suppliers, distributors, exporters of automotive fasteners, automotive OEMs, industry associates, and experts, as well as the manufacturers of electric vehicles.

Market Definition of the Global Automotive Fastener

Fasteners are the tools and connectors that are used to combine two or more objects together. Generally, these mechanical devices make non-permanent but stronger joints that can even last for decades. Talking specifically about the automotive fasteners, they are employed to hold the parts of vehicles together, as well as to prevent leakages and enhance the performance of the automobiles. The automotive fasteners are usually fabricated of stainless steel and plastic material. Besides, they are strong enough to withstand any vibrations and shocks. Small engine parts, door panels , airbag housing, are the main parts of the vehicle where these fasteners are easily seen. These fasteners may include fasteners, retainers, nuts, and screws.

Report Overview

The market size of the automotive fasteners is valued at USD 21.93 Billion, which is now projected to reach 27.55 billion by 2028. This suggests that it is growing at a CAGR of 2.9 percent from 2021 to 2028. The main credit to this much significant growth of the automotive fasteners surely goes to the latest developments and trends.

Lately, the wave of urbanization has upsurged the spending capacity of consumers, and they have started upgrading their lifestyle as a priority. This upgrade also led to the increasing demand for public vehicles. This is the major factor that has added to the expansion of automotive fasteners market. With more advancements, more cutting-edge technology of the fasteners has been invented, which eventually has become the booster of the Automobile Fastener Market.

However, it is still estimated that the emergence of new technology or improvements in other alternatives, such as welding or clenching, might limit the growth of Automotive fasteners. But, due to the superiority of the automotive fasteners, there are fewer chances of it.



The automotive vehicle is anticipated to grow at a good CAGR because of the rising demands of passenger cars in developing countries. Moreover, developed countries like North America and Europe are also in need of premium cars and SUVs. This growth is clearly witnessed from the upward market trends. This requirement has become a booster, and it is expected that this need would upsurge the demand for fasteners in this industry as well.

Furthermore, there are two categories of automotive fasteners, the threaded and non-threaded ones. The threaded fasteners have yet to hoard 80% of the exchange share and are forecasted to dominate the intact market in the projection time period.